National Data Privacy Week, occurring from January 21st through the 27th, 2024, is an important point for companies to reflect on the interconnected nature of data privacy and cybersecurity. In collaboration with the National Cybersecurity Alliance and NINJIO, RBN Insurance proudly stands as an official Champion of Data Privacy Week. To support businesses in this crucial endeavor, we’re offering advice, a complimentary cyber insurance review, and a comprehensive Data Privacy Week Toolkit with our partners at NINJIO, designed to fortify your data management and foster customer trust.

Here are some tips from the experts at RBN Insurance as you mark Data PrivacyWeek: 

Transparent Policies Foster Customer Trust: 

User-Centric Communication: Make your privacy and security policies easily understandable for the average consumer. Avoid the legalese and clearly articulate why and how their data is collected, stored, and if shared with third parties.

Online Policy Publication: Ensure that your privacy policies are readily available online. This transparency helps build trust by allowing users to understand and verify how their sensitive information is handled.

The Role of Cyber Insurance: 

Risk Mitigation and Financial Protection: Cyber insurance not only helps in financial recovery after an incident but also encourages proactive risk mitigation. It adds an extra level of assurance for both your company and your customers. 

Understanding Coverage Needs: Consider the importance of cyber insurance as an additional layer of protection and assess your company’s specific needs and risks to determine the most suitable coverage. To help with that, RBN Insurance is offering a freereview of your organization’s Cyber insurance Policy for Data Privacy Week! 

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Internal Alignment for Robust Cybersecurity: 

Employee Awareness Programs: Extend cybersecurity best practices beyond IT teams. Implement ongoing security awareness programs to educate all employees on data protection measures and potential threats. 

Open Communication Channels: Establish clear channels for reporting potential breaches, fostering a culture of openness and collaboration among departments.

Regular Training and Assessment: Consistently assess employees’ knowledge of cyber threats and countermeasures. Regular training sessions ensure that your workforce stays vigilant against evolving security challenges. Reinforce those lessons with phishing simulations so employees know what it looks like when someone tries to violate their data privacy. 

Emergency Response Planning: 

Swift Breach Response: Develop and communicate an emergency response plan to swiftly identify, contain, and mitigate the consequences of a breach and know how to communicate that with your customers. 

Reducing Impact: Recognize that it takes time to identify and contain breaches. Having a proactive plan in place can significantly reduce the impact on both your company and your customers. 

Exclusive Offer: NINJIO’s Data Privacy Week Toolkit 

To further empower your organization during Data Privacy Week, our partners at NINJIO are delighted to present an exclusive offer – the Data Privacy Week Toolkit. This comprehensive toolkit includes engaging awareness training modules, a company-wide launch email template, and a quick tip sheet. Elevate your data privacy practices with these resources designed to enhance employee awareness and reinforce your commitment to securing sensitive information. 

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By adopting user-centric practices, maintaining transparency, and leveraging NINJIO’s Data Privacy Week Toolkit, businesses can not only meet their responsibility in safeguarding personal data but also build lasting trust with their customers. 

About RBN Insurance 

RBN Insurance Services provides insurance and employee benefits solutions for middle-market businesses and their owners. We work with clients across a range of industries, including private equity, technology, professional services, manufacturing, construction, waste management, and others. Our teams partner closely with clients to understand the unique risks of their businesses, identify cost-effective insurance solutions, and provide exceptional ongoing service and risk management advice. Among other risks, we have helped clients navigate an evolving cybersecurity landscape. 

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